Telling Our Value-Add Story

As higher education increasingly adopts models that stress proficiency-and skills-based assessment, it is important that FHSU be able to tell our story using a data-driven process.  The Gates Foundation agrees with this perspective, suggesting not only a broader reliance on quantifiable assessment data but the public sharing of that data.

As higher education continues to experience challenges from inside and out, we must do our best to share the story of higher education’s value in a way that the public understands and specifically promote what a baccalaureate education does for the individual and society.




Advice on assessment

This morning’s Inside Higher Education has a good read on the need for careful assessment of direct learning outcomes. ┬áThe liberal arts are a particularly challenging area to assess because some of the elements they provide very well take time to produce and do not assess well within a given course (see the reference to graduates having ‘tolerance for ambiguity’ for example) and may only emerge on reflection toward the end of a degree.