Civic engagement — value and assessment

For the past decade or more FHSU has been nationally recognized as a higher education leader in the area of civic engagement.  We have provided nation-wide leadership to the American Association of State Colleges and Universities’ American Democracy Project and we are well recognized by peer institutions for our high quality civic engagement work both in the classroom and in extra curricular venues.  This is not just “feel-good” work.  It is important preparation for our students — certainly for for a life “well-lived,” but also in preparation for a work force that increasingly values civic competency.  ETS, the Educational Testing Service, long recognized for its work on the GRE and TOEFL, is now turning its attention toward filling a much needed gap in high quality assessment tools for measuring civic engagement.  This Fall they are piloting a new set of civic competency assessment tools with a plan for launching these tools in the near future.  As FHSU revises its Liberal Education program, it is important for the institution to continue its national reputation as a thought leader in this area, and as a campus that well-prepares its students as civic-minded and civic-skilled graduates.  It will be instructive to follow the work ETS is doing in this area.  To gain some insights into their research around civic engagement, here is a link to a recent ETS report.


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