Working Together – a Core Baccalaureate Skill

One of the things many students  – and faculty, too – complain about are group projects in college classes.  The typical, and legitimate, concerns are all too common: one student does all the work and has to share credit; when groups do work together even distribution of work and credit are difficult; coordinating schedules is a significant complication; and the applicability of the group work seems lost on the students.  For faculty, the student complaints and difficulty in fairly assessing student work are confounding factors that often suppress the desire to build teamwork pedagogies into their courses.

Today in Chief Learning Officer, though, is an admonition that while universities believe that they prepare students for the collaborative work environment of the 21st Century, only 11% of employers surveyed believed universities did a good enough job of training their students for collaborative work.  As a result, many Liberal Education programs that have been recently redesigned include a teamwork component in them.

How do you integrate teamwork into your courses?



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