Liberal Education in the News

Here is an interesting article on the value of liberal education with regard to ethics from today’s news for consideration:

Ethical reasoning and action is being proposed as Objective 10 in our new liberal education program:

“The FHSU student who successfully completes the Liberal Education program at the Bachelor’s degree level will demonstrate ethical self-awareness including the ability to discuss in detail both core beliefs and the origins of the core beliefs; understand differing ethical perspectives/concepts including the ability to name ethical theories, accurately explain the details of the theories, and identify the theories referenced during ethical debate; describe ethical issues present in prominent problems in politics, economics, heath care, technology or the arts and show how ethical principles or frameworks help to inform decision making with respect to such problems; analyze competing claims from a recent discovery, scientific contention, or technical practice with respect to benefits and harms to those affected, articulate the ethical dilemmas inherent in the tension of benefits and harms, and arrive at a clearly expressed reconciliation of that tension that is formed by ethical principles; and identify and elaborate key ethical issues present in at least one prominent social or cultural problem, articulate the ways in which at least two differing ethical perspectives influence decision-making concerning those problems, and develop and defends an approach most likely to address the ethical issue productively. ”



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