Outcomes, Goals, and Objectives?

As the Liberal Education Committee begins developing Expected Learning Outcomes as part of the first phase of our Liberal Education Review process, we’ll be holding events to listen to your thoughts about what is needed in FHSU’s  Liberal Education Program.

But… what are learning outcomes? Are they different from learning goals? What about objectives?  How do student goals and objectives tie into larger programs, and the mission of a university?  Are all these measurable?

The University of Connecticut offers an Assessment Primer, defining these terms, and illustrates their connectivity in an Outcomes Pyramid.

UCONN Assessment Primer: Goals, Objectives and Outcomes


And don’t forget to come to our sessions to give us YOUR opinions about what our Liberal Education Program needs.

·    Tuesday, November 3rd.  Noon.  Trails Room, Memorial Union
·    Friday, November 13th.  8:30 a.m. Stouffer Lounge, Memorial Union
·    Monday, November 16.  3:00 p.m. Stouffer Lounge, Memorial Union
·    Thursday, December 3rd. Noon. Trails Room, Memorial Union

Attendance is open, but to assist us in planning please rsvp to libed@fhsu.edu at least one day before the beginning of the session.  When you RSVP, in addition to your name, please indicate which session you plan to attend.


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