Global Learning and Liberal Education

Both DQP and LEAP emphasize the value of global learning in liberal education.  That fits extremely well with FHSU’s commitment to preparing students who are Forward Thinking and World Ready.  You will all recall the expression of this value in our institutional mission:

Fort Hays State University provides accessible quality education to Kansas, the nation, and the world through an innovative community of teacher-scholars and professionals to develop engaged global citizen-leaders. 

As we think about global learning in the context of our revision of the liberal education/general education program at FHSU, you might find it valuable to read the summer 2015 edition of AAC&U’s magazine, Liberal EducationThe entire issue, linked here, is dedicated to the topic of “Global Learning for All.”  Relatedly, you may want to read AAC&U’s summer 2015 edition of another of their magazines, Diversity & Democracy:  Civic Learning for Shared FuturesThat issue, also linked here, is focused on the topic, “Engaging Global Challenges.”  And in a previous issue of AAC&U’s Diversity & Democracy:  Civic Learning for Shared Futures, also linked here, you can read more about FHSU’s related work on the AASCU Global Challenges project in Shala Mills’ article, “A Collaborative Alternative to MOOCs: AASCU’s Global Challenges Project.”

You may also want to mark your calendars for AAC&U’s 2016 Global Learning in College Conference (Denver, October 6-8, 2016).  Yaprak Dalat Ward, Jill Arendsdorf, and Shala Mills attended a planning meeting in Denver yesterday (October 22, 2015) to assist AAC&U in preparing for next year’s conference.


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